Combine the convenience of showering with luxury bathing.
Designed to fit over any free standing bath.

Apollo Bath with Effusio over-bath shower


We all lead busy lives and showering is part and parcel of a daily routine. Our Effusio Over-Bath shower system gives you the best of both worlds; daily showering with luxury bathing.

Albion originally designed the Effusio Over-Bath Shower system to work with our hand-made baths but quickly realised that the Effusio will work with any Free Standing tub. Now produced in three useful sizes to suit most bath tubs.

Water for the shower head is supplied from the bath taps and can have the option of a flexible hand spray.

Shower heads are supplied in either 5″, 8″ or 12″ diameters.

To match our range of taps, the Effusio system is finished in Chrome or Bright Nickel.

Montefresco bath and Effusio shower system


Its all down to the bath format. the Effusio Over-Bath Shower System suits taps at the end or the middle of the bath. The Effusio system also caters for wall or stand-pipe mounted taps.

Effusio Shower Rail with 5 inch Rose
Effusio Shower Rail with 8 inch Rose
Effusio Shower Rail with 12 inch Rose


Choose 5 inch, 8 inch or the generous 12 inch diameter shower heads. Hand spun from thick gauge brass and carefully polished. Finished in either chrome or bright nickel.


All of our bath taps and mixers can be used with high and low pressure water systems however, gravity water systems set at 0.3 bar (5 psi-g) may need a pump to assist. 

Hot water systems using a pressurised cylinder will give good performance for the taps and your shower.

We supply our Pressure Equalising Valve (PEV) for systems where a pressure imbalance may occur between the hot and cold supplies. This eliminates the risk of temperature variation when in use – a great safety feature, especially with children in the home.

With safety in mind, we always recommend you fit a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) to your household hot water system. This will reduce the hot water temperature flowing from your taps to a safe maximum level. Generally, these can be set between 38-46 degrees C. Speak to your installer for more advice.



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Stay hotter for longer with our unique range of over 50 different free standing baths – designed for bathrooms big and small.

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Our range of handmade baths directly from our factory.

Sized from 1200mmm – 2000mm long.

Handmade , here at our Weeley factory.

Sized for bathrooms big and small.

Classical basins and toilets in a range of formats.

Taps fittings  for your bath, basin and shower enclosure.

Choose from a variety of layouts to suit your bathroom.

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