Traditional Taps and Showers can have a hard life. They need to work flawlessly, not leak, keep looking great and be subjected to chemical cleaning products. Add in some occasional, aggressive use from the younger members of the household and the poor old bath tap can lead a hard life. Our expectations of our taps is somewhat like our cars. We want them to look like new, yet the life they lead is pretty tough.

Maintenance can play a big part, but the tap has to be made correctly in the first place. Good quality taps are made from the correct type of brass with a mixture of approximately 66% copper to 33% zinc. 

Why this mixture? Copper casts, and polishes well. It’s naturally anti-bacterial, which is good, but on its own, it’s very soft and not overly strong. Add in 33% zinc and you get a good balance with strength and lustre. The bad news for is, that from a costing point of view, copper is the expensive ingredient.


So here’s one of the differences between expensive and cheap taps. Add more of the cheaper zinc and issues appear. The tap casting can become brittle. More worryingly, if more zinc is added, it will corrode and leach from the tap structure. The tap can become porous and leak through it’s own skin. Have you ever seen chrome bubbling off a tap surface? This is a tap with too much cheap zinc in its mix. The zinc will corrode and push the chrome off the surface.

Albion’s Traditional Taps and Showers taps are made with the correct type of brass.

We’ve built a range of bath and basin taps that fit all of the bathroom requirements. Add in our range of shower valves and we’ve got all of the bases covered.


Our taps are hand polished for extra lustre and chrome plated. We’re all familiar with chrome. It’s used abundantly on taps, lights, door fittings and numerous other places. It’s popular for good reason. Its hard, durable and shiny. If you want something that’s easy to clean, chrome is your friend. Most household cleansers can be used to keep your new chrome bathroom taps in perfect condition.

Chrome Sample


Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Bathing and Hand Showering combined. Deck or wall mounted. Finished in polished Chrome.

Amie Mono Basin Mixer


Single or Three Hole options. Finished in Chrome.


All options for exposed and concealed formats with a range of shower heads from 5″ to 12″ diameter.
Finished in Chrome.

Albion Shower Head Collection

Enhance your bathroom with Albion’s hand-made baths and bathroom furniture.

Hand made in our Weeley, Essex factory. A range of over 50 styles and sizes.

Enhance your new bathroom and add practical storage. Sizes for bathrooms big and small.

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Our range of handmade baths directly from our factory.

Sized from 1200mm – 2000mm long.

Handmade, here at our Weeley factory.

Sized for bathrooms big and small.

Classical basins and toilets in a range of formats.

Taps fittings for your bath, basin and shower enclosure.

Choose from a variety of layouts to suit your bathroom.

Keep warm with our bathroom heating solutions.