All Albion baths are made from our own 'Iso-Enamel' material. This is an amalgamation of high technology resin and a special reinforced mineral. Manufactured in our own factory, this formulation is cast into moulds and allowed to harden. The result is a strong, durable and luxurious construction that gives years of bathing enjoyment. Importantly, our material overcomes the drawbacks of cast iron. These being extreme weight and high heat loss from your bathing water. Albion's Iso-Enamel material acts as an insulator rather than a conductor of heat, therefore keeps your bathing water hotter for longer. At roughly a third of the weight of cast iron, there’s no need to reinforce your bathroom floor.


To clean your Albion bath, simply use any modern, liquid cleaners. If you're unlucky enough to scuff your new bath, Iso-Enamel can be easily polished back to a high shine.


To this day, our patented process is unique and offers benefits that other materials cannot provide.

Albion's unique Iso-Enamel material creates a difference you can feel...

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