Albion's Etruscan Free Standing Bath combines visual simplicity and strength.

Etruscan Free Standing Bath end view on tiled floor


Our Etruscan free standing bath tub is manufactured using Albion’s unique stone cast process using our unique Iso-Enamel material. This results in a bath that is over 5cm thick with the enamel finish formed in one continuous coating. Based on a timeless, the Etruscan free standing bath can be used in modern and classical homes and provide you with a host of ideas. 

To cater for all sizes of bathroom, the Etruscan is available in three sizes, from 1500mm long to 1800mm long, and has generous depth for the most sumptuous bathing.  A clever integral overflow system incorporates a pipe that is cast into the wall of the bath, which dispenses with the external overflow pipe – A feature that maintains the visual elegance of the exterior. To add to this simplicity, tap holes aren’t provided on this model, so use either wall mounted taps or a mixer tap on stand pipes. As with all Albion baths, the Etruscan free standing bath is made from our unique Iso-Enamel material. To combine your free standing bath tub with functional showering, choose our Effusio Over-Bath Shower system. This will give you the day-to-day practicality of a shower, but with the luxury of stylish bathing.

Etruscan Free Standing Bath front view on tiled floor


  • Designed and manufactured in our Weeley, UK factory.
  • Made from our unique Iso-Enamel material that keeps
    your bath water hotter for longer.
  • 2 sizes are produced:
    1505mm long x 735mm wide.
    1600mm long x 735mm wide.
  • This bath utilises our integral overflow system. Polished waste fittings are provided in chrome, bright nickel and bare brass.
  • The bath is designed to be used with stand-pipe or wall mounted taps.
  • The Etruscan Free Standing bath is hand made to you order.
    Please get in touch for pricing and delivery times.
Etruscan Free Standing Bath top view on tiled floor



Back in 1996, Albion’s founders had a mission – to create the finest bath tubs available. Their aim was to keep the positive features of cast iron but remove the drawbacks – such as extreme weight and heat loss from the bathing water.

When compared to acrylic, an Albion Etruscan Free Standing bath is tougher, stiffer and more durable.

  • Your bathing water will stay warmer for three times longer.
  • For a given size, an Albion bath is 50-70% lighter than cast iron.
  • Iso-Enamel is chemical resistant. Use modern liquid cleaners on your bath surface.
  • Hand made.  Albion baths are created entirely by hand by our skilled team in Weeley, Essex – England

Enhance your bathroom with Albion’s hand-made baths and bathroom furniture.

A range of classical styled taps and water fittings for your bath. Finished in chrome or bright nickel.

The solution for the space challenged bathroom. Combine luxury bathing with practical showering – all within the space of the bath.

Enhance your new bathroom and add practical storage. Sizes for bathrooms big and small.

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